Alien by Thierry Mugler review

Title: Jasmine Flowers Artist: Charoon Boonsuan Media: Oil on Canvas

Title: Jasmine Flowers
Artist: Charoon Boonsuan
Media: Oil on Canvas

Top Notes

Sambac Jasmine

Middle Notes

Cashmere Wood

Base Notes

White Amber

This is a jasmine perfume with a strong character of gardenia on me. It’s a full blast of jasmine and I think you really have to LOVE jasmine and woodsy white floral scents in order to appreciate it.


I have Bvlgari Jasmin Noir on my left wrist and Alien on my right. They tell totally different stories of jasmine. Bvlgari is a green and crispy jasmine while Alien brings out the opposite facets of jasmine. It is deep, lush and vibrant. It represents the yellowish gold, fully-bloomed jasmine flowers, while Bvlgari represents the greenish white buds of jasmine. Its meticulously fostered sensuality is so well made. It is the perfect lady-like sexy without any animalic or erotic aspects.

Alien is not suitable for every woman, also not suitable for every occasion. It is so charming and demands a lot of attention just like “Angel”. With that said, this is a perfume that my explanation won’t give justice. It is just an “alien” fragrance that should be sprayed with a light hand. It is a modern fashion forward scent. And I can see why people either love or hate it.

Alien is a great alternative to sweet winter scents to remind you of summer heat. It is a must try for anyone who truly loves sophisticate and mature jasmine.