Super Food is here!

So, I just took a nutrition class from Vanderbilt University on Coursera. Because I have come across a lot of different diets since I have become interested in nutrition and fitness. It’s so easy to get lost in the clouds of information. What’s hard nowadays is no longer the access to information but rather how to sift through the massive amount of information. I felt like I really needed to pay attention to the credibility of information and really look into the “textbook”. I wanted to make sure they are at least scientific-based.

“Super food” is not a new term. Many recent superfood includes common food choices whose nutritional value has been long recognized. Examples of these would be berries, nuts and seeds in general, dark green vegetables , citrus fruits, fatty fish, vegetables with bright, dark or intense colors, many legumes, and whole grains as a group.

The class that I took also gave an example list of super food. A lot of them are already in common everyday diet, but I think this is still a great guide for grocery shopping. It’s now on my fridge door. And I wanted to share this with you and hope you find it helpful as well.

super food

Eat clean and SUPER!




Cartoon Circuit Training

When I fished my first month of Insanity workout and was about to start the one week recovery training, I had some hip pain from the earlier workout and then my period came, so I took about ten days off before I started my second month of Insanity. I did some circuit training after my rest just to prepare my body for the more intense Insanity workout coming after.

I usually follow fitness videos when I work out at home, but I’d love to watch entertaining shows when I work out if possible. So I drew the circuit training and pasted it on the wall. It was more fun to work out and watch shows at the same time =)

I hope you will find this helpful as well.



circuit traning

Applaud for Angelina Jolie’s proactive choice on breast cancer

“Angelina Jolie announced in a New York Times op-ed article on Tuesday that she underwent a preventive double mastectomy after learning she carries a mutation of the BRCA1 gene, which sharply increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.”
Bravo, Jolie!
I am sure it’s not an easy decision to make. But I respect her not because she decided to do the preventative surgery, think about the women out there who have lost their breasts and are fighting with breast cancer. Those women, in my eyes, are even much more respectful. I applaud for Jolie more because she is willing to share her experience and have made such a good example of taking advanced actions in fighting with cancer, as a public figure. This could not be an easy thing.
I am also amazed by how fast technology has been developed. It’s a comforting news to know that women now do have choice in preserving their femality while fighting with breast cancer.

Take care,

Quick comparison of Pump it Up workout series, which version to choose?

“Pump it Up Workout” is a series of aerobic exercises that aims to provide a fast, effective and enjoyable way of getting fit and burning  fat. I really like this workout series because they always include the warm-up and stretch sections, and they are mostly very fun. You can find all kinds of reviews on each specific episode. I am sharing a quick comparison between different episodes.

I don’t think there is one episode that works best in term of fat losing. As long as you keep moving, I think all kinds of cardio workout can help you shred unwanted fat eventually. Although I think control your diet is even more important. I need to do a better job in portion control. I can’t stop eating once I start to snake on something, too bad. That’s why I don’t really see too much result even if I am working out hard…


My personal favorites are 04, 09 and 11.

For those of you who just start the workout, I would suggest 04, 05 and 11.

For those of you who want something of higher energy, I would suggest 04, 05 and 09.

For those of you who love dancing, I would suggest 08, 11, 12.

piu comparisonI wasn’t able to find all the videos on Youtube and the videos are always cut into several parts. I found all the videos on a Chinese video website and would like to share with you. The qualities are not always good, but at least they are free and not in millions of sections =)

PIU 2004  PIU 2005  PIU 2006  PIU 2007  PIU 2008  PIU 2009  PIU 2010  PIU 2011  PIU 2012

Enjoy the workout! Pump it Up!

Supplements that I take


1. Barlean’s Organic Evening Primrose Oil

Made with Organic evening primrose oil. Provides relief from symptoms associated with PMS. I usually take it before my periods. I have tried Evening Primrose Oil from GNC as well but turned to this after all. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from PMS. It does work!

2. Reserveage Organics Collagen Booster with Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol

Supports healthy skin. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are good for the skin and resveratrol provides anti-aging support. I have noticed that a lot of collagen supplements have added other forms of estrogen or hormones to promote the effects of the supplements. This product doesn’t have those additives.

3. Schiff Move Free Total Joint Health

I started to take this since I had knee pains from Insanity Workout. Some joint health supplements contain coffee or some sort of pain killers to reduce the pain. This doesn’t and it really works! I bought it at Costco.

4. New Chapter Organics Every Woman

Organic herbs and cultured whole-food vitamins and minerals. I love that it doesn’t have 3000% DV in it! It has just what I need and not too much, which I am afraid might be harmful. And it can be taken on an empty stomach. I don’t take it religiously everyday but I do take it very often.

5. Nature Made Vitamin D3

When I am not taking the New Chapter multi-vitamins, I always remember to take additional Vitamin D. I haven’t done my annual physical exam this year but my husband had. Everything looked great on his report except that he has Vitamin D deficiency. I heard other friends saying that they have Vitamin D deficiencies as well. And apparently we don’t get enough exposure to the sun everyday.

6. New Chapter Wholemega Whole Fish Oil

I am sure everyone knows how important those omegas are. I do try to eat fish that are good sources of omegas once to twice every week. But on the days that I am neither eating fish nor chia seed or flaxseed, I take 1-2 soft gels of this.

I usually buy supplements at either Costco or For those of you who don’t know Vitacost, you gotta check it out. Trust me, it will save you a fortune.