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Laszlo established a practice that became renowned for its roster of famously beautiful clients with the look of Laszlo, a ritual which harnesses the power of water to achieve the incandescent glow of Laszlo skin. Dr Laszlo’s legend lives on today, as the favorite skincare of the aristocracy, Royal families including discerning top celebrities from the film and music industries to heads of state all over the world.

From a diagnosis called ‘clocking’, based on seven different types of skin, clients are invited to follow a specific cleansing and treatment ritual. Thanks to a full range of products this program is completely adapted to each skin type and helps regain the skins ideal balance, resulting in ‘perfect skin’.

Nothing else works like Laszlo works….nothing else looks like Laszlo skin
Skin: that glows with an inner light and stays firm and beautiful

These 5 principles are the signature of the Erno Laszlo brand and continue to set it apart from any other skin care line in existence.
1. For timeless Beauty  
Clocking: A system for precise and accurate classification of skin type
2. Commence the clear skin countdown
The ritual: A personalized, twice-a-day cleansing and skincare procedure. 
3. Enjoy a little Splash Dance
The 30 Splashes: The core of the ritual….hamessing water’s naturally ability to renew the skin.
4. Dream creams
Ultimate Synergy Care: Erno Laszlo products are developed as a group, and used for interclocking benefits, providing 24-hour skincare without duplication or gaps.
5. Beauty service
Personalization/Modification: After three to four weeks usage, your ritual is modified according to results. Further modifications exist for the season, travel, pregnancy.

Clean, healthy, perfect skin. Skin that glows with an inner light. Skin that stays firm and beautiful for years. This is the look of Laszlo.

I got the INTENSIVE PORCELAIN VEIL for $98.00 with no tax, pretty good deal. And I have always been wanting to try their sea mud soap and phelytil cleansing oil. Enjoy shopping!

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