Bvlgari Mon jasmin noir review

Artist:  Korobkin Anatoly Medium: Painting - Oil On Canvas

Korobkin Anatoly
Painting – Oil On Canvas

Top Notes

Citrus notes, Lily of the valley

Middle Notes


Base Notes

Musk, Patchouli, Virginia cedar, Nougat

I am on my third test wear of Mon jasmin noir while I am writing this post.

The openning notes are a little screechy. It starts off with a blast of acid, sharp yet powdery at the same time to my nose. But it goes away very quickly. And then you are entering into a jasmine garden that is surrounded by cedars. It makes me think of a leisure walk at a breezy summer night, so fresh and comforting. I feel so embarrassed all of a sudden. On the one hand, I wish it could be just a little warmer and more floral so it will bring me to my lover, but on the other hand, I am worried that it would ruin the freshness and this god-given summer night is meant to be enjoyed by oneself.

It really doesn’t get sweet until the dry down where you can smell the lovely nougat. But it is never too sweet or too gourmand. It is only an innocent girl in her white dress, smiling at you, just that right amount of sweetness. See, after all, she is still a girl, and now she wants to nuzzle something cuddly and rest for the night.


I would say Mon jasmin noir is a spicy jasmine perfume with a smooth finish of creamy nougat that is sweet but not saccharine. Jasmine, cedar are front and forward in the notes. The perfume wears close to the skin and fades quietly. And this perfume is surprisingly long lasting considering other perfumes from Bvlgari.

It is a beautiful womanly fragrance, gentle but has an exquisite and delicate radiance. It also suits a wide age range, but is probably a bit unsuitable for teens. It would be a very versatile piece in your fragrance closet. My husband doesn’t enjoy the spicy jasmine that much, but he loves the base notes after the jasmine and cedar goes away. I think he doesn’t appreciate spicy scents on me in general. Sad face!




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