Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT review

On its website, classique is described as A contrasting fragrance featuring sensual, ultra-feminine notes… 

Top Notes
RoseStar AniseedOrangeMandarinPear Liqueur 
Middle Notes
IrisOrchidPlumGingerOrange BlossomYlang-Ylang 
Base Notes
MuskVanillaWoody Amber

JPG classique

Based on the huge success that followed its launch in 1993, Classique remains one of all time best sellers. A lot of people mention it as a love of their boyfriend or husband. I knew it is a very powerful floral fragrance and might not suit me, but still can’t resist my curiosity of trying it on.

I now understand why some people think it is very classic. To me, it also implies the danger of being common and vulgar… No offense to those who love this fragrance. This is just not a fragrance for me. I find it cloying and powdery sweet on me. This fragrance is a triumph of packaging over content to me.

My skin amplified the rose and anise to such an extent that all the other notes were drowned in a sea of heavy and powdery flowers. Such a shame, but I can’t really smell the citrus and just fell directly into the warm and soapy scent of its base tones.

Even though it is coming so highly recommended, I will have to pass it. Even my husband hates what it smells on me.

If you’re a confident and mature woman who is not afraid of catching everybody’s attention when walking into a room, I suggest trying Classique and add it to your perfume wardrobe. It could be a good choice for night out.




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