Current Night Skincare routine

skincare routine

If you are interested, my morning skincare routine is here.

Since I have started using tretinoin, I alternate between tretinoin only and my whole set of skin care procedures from toner to cream.

  • Cleanser: Cetaphil + Clarisonic Mia

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

I have talked about Cetaphil cleanser in my morning routine. I use it with Clarisonic Mia at night.

I bought Mia because a lot of people were talking about how Clarisonic helped them clean up their acnes. I was hoping it would do me the same wonder and decided to give it a try. I think I have owned this for about two years now. Unfortunately it didn’t heal my acne problem overnight. But I still like it. I think it does do its job of cleaning the skin. Plus I think it is great that it has a timer in it. It’s very likely that our face is not cleaned thorough enough or over cleaned.

And I need to tell you that it WON’T thin out your skin! Honestly, I had the same concern when I was debating to buy it or not. But I was too concerned about my acnes and gave it a shot anyway. Now I am glad I did it. I have very thin skin. But I don’t see any sign of getting thinner after using my Mia. Please do remember not to press it to your face hard. Just land it on your face softly and move it in circles. That is good enough. I would especially recommend this for those who have oily skin because it’s very important to keep the pores clean and unclogged.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

OK, it is called a lotion. But I do use it as a toner and I am sure a lot of you use it as a toner as well. Oh, I really love the smell. It has a very light citrus smell. I am glad it doesn’t smell like “mushroom” =) It is very hydrating and smoothing. It sinks into the skin right away. And I think it is very reasonably priced. I don’t spend a lot of money on toners unless it’s an “essence toner”, in that way it would be more like a serum than a toner. I think this is a very affordable toner and it does what it says. This is my second bottle in line.

Rating: ♥♥♥

I have read so many good things about this essential oil before I bought it. It was supposed to help my acnes. But I didn’t see too much about it on me personally. It does work well to balance my skin. I have to say that this is a decent essential oil. But I don’t see any specific improvements on my acne or my acne scars. It might work better for combination to oily skin because it can diminish impurities and excess oil. For some reason essential oil products don’t work that much for my skin. Maybe they just take more time and patience to see the result? With that said, at least I won’t repurchase this in the near future. For me, I think argan oil can do the same thing while at a lower cost.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ (La Mer) & ♥♥♥♥♥ (Sulwhasoo)

This is my second jar of La mer cream. I still remember that the first week I used it, I had a lot of tiny red bumps on my chins. I was so shocked and almost wanted to cry for the money I paid! I thought it might be the mineral oil in it that caused me to break out. But given its price, I decided to give it a little longer to test out. I am glad that all the bumps disappeared after a week of use or so. I still don’t know why I had them bumps when I first started using the cream, maybe it was too nutritious for me at that moment? Maybe my skin was just adjusting to a new product? I don’t know. What I know is that it does a great job when my skin gets sensitive, especially in the winter. It does calm my skin very well. And because it is effective in 24 months after opening, I always like to keep it at hand and use it when my skin has problems. I can’t say it heals every problem, but I always reach out for it because I know it will help. There might be a product that can do 80% of its job with 30% of the price. I need to look for other alternatives. I do think it is a little over-priced and definitely overly advertised. But sometimes you just need a luxury cream to feel good about yourself. You know what I mean, girls, yes, I am talking about you!

I don’t have anything bad to say about Sulwhasoo emulsion on the other hand. I would strongly recommend it to someone who has slightly oily skin and seeks for a good anti-aging moisturizer. It moisturizes my skin so well without leaving any stickiness or what so ever. It sinks into my skin right after applying. My skin feels so soft. And I like its smell as well, it smells a little ginseng but mostly floral. It has a lot of herbal ingredients. It has extracts from Red Pine that help recover the skin’s natural moisture barrier and give softness and radiance to the skin. It might not be a good choice for those who have dry skins. I don’t think it has enough “oil” in it. And if you like fragrance free products, this is not for you. I find Korean cosmetic products very fragrant. I think they also care about the “pleasant smell and experience” when applying the products.

  • My special guy: tretinoin cream

The one in the picture is a 0.025% tretinoin I brought with me from China. When I went to see my dermatologist in China for adult acnes during summer break, she told me to use this cream on affected areas. But because I didn’t see any quick results, I stopped using it. Now I have learnt so many great facts about using tretinoin, this has become my staple product! I have started using the 0.025% tretinoin almost every night for a month now. When I am using the tretinoin, I only use clean my face and apply a pea size of the cream for my whole face. And then my LP eye cream. And that’s it. I have had the so called “worse breakouts” period and are still experiencing dryness from using it. I did get some big red acnes when I started off, but it was not something too bad to someone who has experienced worse outbreaks before… And I am starting to see improvement on my skin. That’s why I just went to renew my prescription. I am gonna keep using tretinoin and see if I can finally get a clean face. I will be using my new 0.05% tretinoin every other night very soon. Because it has a stronger strength. I want to give my skin a little more time. No rush!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

I use the same LP eye cream at night that I have talked about in my morning routine. I think that is all for my night routine. I hope you find it helpful.




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