Memorial Weekend: Zion & Bryce National Parks

We went to Zion and Bryce parks this Memorial weekend and it was really awesome! I enjoyed both parks and loved them both. One thing I didn’t really love that much was the sun! I was wearing sunglasses, my hat and sunscreen, but I still got a bit sunburnt. I have to say that walking under the sun in Utah was no joke! We drove from San Diego to St. George the first day and stayed in a motel there. The second day we went to Zion and spent our night in Panguitch which is a town 30 mins driving distance away from Bryce. We spend our third day in Bryce and drove back to St. George that night. The last day we took off early and had dim sum in Irvine and then drove back home. We did hike quite a bit and it was great. Meandering through the landscape is way more cool than just taking the shuttle and stopping at every viewpoints.


Zion NP


View along Riverside Walk, Zion NP


Roadside flower, Zion NP


Rest area before The Narrows Trail, Zion NP


View along Angels Landing, Zion


Angels Landing Trail


Chessboard Mesa, Zion NP


Navajo Loop, Bryce NP


Navajo Loop, Bryce NP


Peek-A-Boo Trail, Bryce NP


Peek-A-Boo Trail, Bryce NP


Bryce Point, Bryce NP


Bryce Point, Bryce NP


Bryce Point, Bryce NP


Queens Garden Trail, Bryce NP


China Garden, Irvine


China Garden, Irvine


Alien by Thierry Mugler review

Title: Jasmine Flowers Artist: Charoon Boonsuan Media: Oil on Canvas

Title: Jasmine Flowers
Artist: Charoon Boonsuan
Media: Oil on Canvas

Top Notes

Sambac Jasmine

Middle Notes

Cashmere Wood

Base Notes

White Amber

This is a jasmine perfume with a strong character of gardenia on me. It’s a full blast of jasmine and I think you really have to LOVE jasmine and woodsy white floral scents in order to appreciate it.


I have Bvlgari Jasmin Noir on my left wrist and Alien on my right. They tell totally different stories of jasmine. Bvlgari is a green and crispy jasmine while Alien brings out the opposite facets of jasmine. It is deep, lush and vibrant. It represents the yellowish gold, fully-bloomed jasmine flowers, while Bvlgari represents the greenish white buds of jasmine. Its meticulously fostered sensuality is so well made. It is the perfect lady-like sexy without any animalic or erotic aspects.

Alien is not suitable for every woman, also not suitable for every occasion. It is so charming and demands a lot of attention just like “Angel”. With that said, this is a perfume that my explanation won’t give justice. It is just an “alien” fragrance that should be sprayed with a light hand. It is a modern fashion forward scent. And I can see why people either love or hate it.

Alien is a great alternative to sweet winter scents to remind you of summer heat. It is a must try for anyone who truly loves sophisticate and mature jasmine.

Cartoon Circuit Training

When I fished my first month of Insanity workout and was about to start the one week recovery training, I had some hip pain from the earlier workout and then my period came, so I took about ten days off before I started my second month of Insanity. I did some circuit training after my rest just to prepare my body for the more intense Insanity workout coming after.

I usually follow fitness videos when I work out at home, but I’d love to watch entertaining shows when I work out if possible. So I drew the circuit training and pasted it on the wall. It was more fun to work out and watch shows at the same time =)

I hope you will find this helpful as well.



circuit traning

Birthday Zodiac Slippers



Just saw this luxury collection of zodiac slippers from Charlotte Olympia on Bergdorf Goodman. So cute! But SO expensive… Still fun to check out!

Apparently I like Sagittarius the best as I am a Sagittarius! Love the mustard color and simplicity of the sign. My other favorites are Cancer, Leo, and Capricorn. What is your birthday sign?



Bvlgari Mon jasmin noir review

Artist:  Korobkin Anatoly Medium: Painting - Oil On Canvas

Korobkin Anatoly
Painting – Oil On Canvas

Top Notes

Citrus notes, Lily of the valley

Middle Notes


Base Notes

Musk, Patchouli, Virginia cedar, Nougat

I am on my third test wear of Mon jasmin noir while I am writing this post.

The openning notes are a little screechy. It starts off with a blast of acid, sharp yet powdery at the same time to my nose. But it goes away very quickly. And then you are entering into a jasmine garden that is surrounded by cedars. It makes me think of a leisure walk at a breezy summer night, so fresh and comforting. I feel so embarrassed all of a sudden. On the one hand, I wish it could be just a little warmer and more floral so it will bring me to my lover, but on the other hand, I am worried that it would ruin the freshness and this god-given summer night is meant to be enjoyed by oneself.

It really doesn’t get sweet until the dry down where you can smell the lovely nougat. But it is never too sweet or too gourmand. It is only an innocent girl in her white dress, smiling at you, just that right amount of sweetness. See, after all, she is still a girl, and now she wants to nuzzle something cuddly and rest for the night.


I would say Mon jasmin noir is a spicy jasmine perfume with a smooth finish of creamy nougat that is sweet but not saccharine. Jasmine, cedar are front and forward in the notes. The perfume wears close to the skin and fades quietly. And this perfume is surprisingly long lasting considering other perfumes from Bvlgari.

It is a beautiful womanly fragrance, gentle but has an exquisite and delicate radiance. It also suits a wide age range, but is probably a bit unsuitable for teens. It would be a very versatile piece in your fragrance closet. My husband doesn’t enjoy the spicy jasmine that much, but he loves the base notes after the jasmine and cedar goes away. I think he doesn’t appreciate spicy scents on me in general. Sad face!



Applaud for Angelina Jolie’s proactive choice on breast cancer

“Angelina Jolie announced in a New York Times op-ed article on Tuesday that she underwent a preventive double mastectomy after learning she carries a mutation of the BRCA1 gene, which sharply increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.”
Bravo, Jolie!
I am sure it’s not an easy decision to make. But I respect her not because she decided to do the preventative surgery, think about the women out there who have lost their breasts and are fighting with breast cancer. Those women, in my eyes, are even much more respectful. I applaud for Jolie more because she is willing to share her experience and have made such a good example of taking advanced actions in fighting with cancer, as a public figure. This could not be an easy thing.
I am also amazed by how fast technology has been developed. It’s a comforting news to know that women now do have choice in preserving their femality while fighting with breast cancer.

Take care,

Elta MD spf 50 didn’t work for me!

Such a shame!

These were taken last night, after my skin had already rested for about 7 hrs from the sunburnt!

These were taken last night, after my skin had already rested for about 7 hrs from the sunburnt!

I have read so many great reviews on EltaMD SPF 50. I used it the first time yesterday since I got it from SkincareRx. My husband and I wanted to go for a short hike and I thought it would be perfect to try out this water-resistent sport sunscreen.

I honestly think I have applied enough amount of this product. I only used my SkinCeuticals CEF serum after I washed my face. I applied one and a half pump of the sunscreen on my face 15 mins before we left home. It was all great at first, a little oily but not too bad. And I am sure a little bit of loose powder will do you the trick. I didn’t put on any makeup because I wanted to put on another layer later. There was definitely no white cast as long as you pat it into your skin patiently and gently. I then applied my second layer of one and a half pump sunscreen in the car while my husband was driving.

It took us about 30 mins to get to the trail. I was all excited but after about 20-30 mins in the sun, I started to experience some burns on my face. And I did wear a hat and sunglasses! It became worse after about 50 mins. I did sweat a bit, but Elta claims that you only need to reapply it after 80 mins of swimming or sweating. Because the trail wasn’t really that long, I didn’t bring the sunscreen with me to the trail. After I got back to the car, my face was all red and hurt so much! I have to admit that it was a bad time of the day to go for a hike. I swear I would never do it again! We took off from home at about 10:20 am and got back in our car from the trail at about 1:00 pm. However, it wasn’t an excuse for Elta’s poor performance! It is true that this product doesn’t sting your eyes at all. Often times my eyes get very watery after using chemical sunscreens. I suspect it’s from avobenzone in those chemical sunscreens and I have been trying to avoid this ingredient in sunscreens.

This morning, my husband also realized that he got a little bit of sunburnt from yesterday. But it was nothing compared to mine! My face is much better today though. I put on my La Mer cream yesterday after I cleaned my face and took a shower. My husband used Devita SPF 30 yesterday which I suspect has expired since he has had it for too long! And I am sure he only applied very little of it. I have seen him applying sunscreen and even though I have told him a billion times that he needs to apply more, he just wouldn’t listen to me. Oh, you know how stubborn men usually become when it comes to “cosmetics and skin care products”.

Anyway, I was really disappointed at this product. I don’t know if it was because my skin has become more sensitive to the sun from the use of 0.05% tretinoin or what, still, it should have done a much better job. I will see if I can return this product. Otherwise I will get a new sunscreen and only use this on my body, or pass it to my husband…

I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the outdoor without any sunburnt!