My SkincareRx package is here! Which Elta Md sunscreen to choose?

My package arrived this afternoon! I will start to use the TNS serum and the sunscreen when I finish my current Skinceuticals CEF serum and Chanel sunscreen.

IMG_6485 copy

I haven’t used any Elta sunscreens before and found it extremely difficult to pick from so many similar products… I spent a lot of time reading reviews and would like to share some of my findings with you:

1. UV clear SPF 46, 1.7oz

Active ingredients: 9.0% Zinc Oxide 7.5% Octinoxate

This is the EllE award winning one. It says it’s for acne-prone skin on the package. I have seen a lot of good reviews about this one. It seems like this doesn’t leave you the white cast like a lot of other sunscreen products do. And it has some oil-control effects.

I picked up this one because this actually seems to be the only one that contains Niacin among all the Elta sunscreens, although originally I thought they all had Niacin in them. Niacin is also known as VB3. It is a moisturizing and calming ingredient for your skin. It also prevents melanin from reaching the skin and reduces the production of the staining compounds. Olay use Niacin in their spot treatment line. Some study also shows that Niacin can help prevent skin cancer. Although it is used a lot for sensitive skin, some people might have reactions from using it. I have experienced some red bumps from using CeraVe cream before, so has my husband. And it has niacin in it. I am not sure if it is from Niacin. I want to give this ingredient another try again. (That’s why I bought the night cream together this time…)

2. UV daily SPF 40, 1.7oz

Active ingredients: 9.0% Zinc Oxide   7.5% Octinoxate

This one says it’s for normal skin. Some people say it is heavier than the SPF46 one. It sounds like a better choice for autumn and winter. But I have also seen people saying this actually dries out their skin even more than the first one… The texture is definitely creamier, so I didn’t buy this one given summer is coming.

3. UV shield SPF 45, 3oz

Active ingredients: 9.0% Zinc Oxide   7.5% Octinoxate

A lot of reviews that I read about this product looked identical with the SPF 46 one. Like I said, I picked the SPF46 over this one because the SPF46 contains Niacin. But if you are positive that you are allergic to Niacin, maybe try this one instead.

4. UV physical SPF 41, 3oz

Active ingredients: 9.0% Zinc Oxide  7.0%  Titanium

This should be a good one judging from the ingredients. This is a pure physical sunscreen. Zinc Oxide and Titanium are the only two physical ingredients in sunscreen products. I do favor pure physical sunscreens over a mix of physical and chemical sunscreens. But I have read both good and bad reviews about it. Some say this is very thick and they break out from using it. I have acne-prone skin and I don’t want to risk this time. Maybe I will give it try next time. Another reason I didn’t pick this one this time is because it also has a tinted version. I kind of want to try and see what the tinted version might look like on my skin before I buy it.

5. UV sport SPF 50, 3oz

Active ingredients: 9.0% Zinc Oxide7.5% Octinoxate5.0% Octisalate 

I don’t know if the other sunscreens from Elta are water-proof or not. I simply picked this one because this does say it is water-proof. I need a water-proof sunscreen for the hot summer in Southern California. Plus this one has 3oz. I can also use it all over my body.

I also found this image online, very helpful!


I will post my own reviews on the SPF 46 and SPF 50 once I have started using them. Let me know your experience with Elta sunscreens as well =)


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