Mini Marshalls Hall

The weather is Southern California is warming up quickly. I wanted to get new fitness pants for the summer so I decided to stop by at Marshalls. There weren’t as many pretty outfits as I thought, but I still picked up some cheap stuff. Since I am not working now, I have to keep an eye on my budget more carefully =(

clothes haul2I picked up two loose fit tops. The first is a black and white houndstooth top. I love the transformation from houndstooth to butterfly! It reminds me of the graphic design class that I took in college… And I think it can be very chic to wear under a blazer and very casual to wear with jeans or shorts.

The second top I picked up is a coral top with collar details. I love the folds in the front as well. I just love the color and think the collar detail makes it a great layering piece as well.

I also picked up a white tank top. I love the lace back. The quality looks good as well. Lace is really in trend right now. But they can look cheap sometimes if the quality is not so good. I think this is a nice piece to wear under those see-through tops as well.

The last piece that I picked up is a cropped purple fitness pants. I usually just wear leggings when I do insanity workout but feel like to get something thinner since it is getting hot here. I am not a very big fan of shorts and sports bra. I always do some stretch on mat after working out. I hate to touch the mat with bare skin when I am too sweated…

Summer is coming, I can’t wait to wear them out!


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