Supplements that I take


1. Barlean’s Organic Evening Primrose Oil

Made with Organic evening primrose oil. Provides relief from symptoms associated with PMS. I usually take it before my periods. I have tried Evening Primrose Oil from GNC as well but turned to this after all. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from PMS. It does work!

2. Reserveage Organics Collagen Booster with Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol

Supports healthy skin. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are good for the skin and resveratrol provides anti-aging support. I have noticed that a lot of collagen supplements have added other forms of estrogen or hormones to promote the effects of the supplements. This product doesn’t have those additives.

3. Schiff Move Free Total Joint Health

I started to take this since I had knee pains from Insanity Workout. Some joint health supplements contain coffee or some sort of pain killers to reduce the pain. This doesn’t and it really works! I bought it at Costco.

4. New Chapter Organics Every Woman

Organic herbs and cultured whole-food vitamins and minerals. I love that it doesn’t have 3000% DV in it! It has just what I need and not too much, which I am afraid might be harmful. And it can be taken on an empty stomach. I don’t take it religiously everyday but I do take it very often.

5. Nature Made Vitamin D3

When I am not taking the New Chapter multi-vitamins, I always remember to take additional Vitamin D. I haven’t done my annual physical exam this year but my husband had. Everything looked great on his report except that he has Vitamin D deficiency. I heard other friends saying that they have Vitamin D deficiencies as well. And apparently we don’t get enough exposure to the sun everyday.

6. New Chapter Wholemega Whole Fish Oil

I am sure everyone knows how important those omegas are. I do try to eat fish that are good sources of omegas once to twice every week. But on the days that I am neither eating fish nor chia seed or flaxseed, I take 1-2 soft gels of this.

I usually buy supplements at either Costco or For those of you who don’t know Vitacost, you gotta check it out. Trust me, it will save you a fortune.


4 thoughts on “Supplements that I take

  1. Very very helpful! Thanks for sharing your experience

    BTW, have you tried vitacost supplements? Are they better than the other brands?

    • Thank you. I am glad it was helpful. I shop at Vitacost a lot but haven’t bought any supplements of its own brand. I just rely on brand names a little more when it comes to something I am eating 🙂 I believe some of the basic vitamins aren’t that different from brand products. But not really the case for joint supplement and evening oils. I have tried other brands before, didn’t work as good as these.

      • Thanks for your advice. I bought supplement based on its ingredients and source. Comparing brand by brand really makes me a headache =]
        I’ve just finished my Neocell collagen type I & III bottle and wanna switch to type II (Neocell works but I can’t stand emptying my stomach 30’ to drink them) ReserveAge is a good choice (collagen from chicken sternum) though it’s pretty pricey due to high quality of resveratrol, but I think it’s worth the price. I’ve ordered already instead of Twinlab or Vitacost. There are so many brands of collagen. I heard that collagen from Japan like Shiseido, Meiji are great too. I want to try them but they are much more expensive here than they are in Japan. Hate that x_x

      • I totally get you! I, too had a hard time trying to search for the “perfect” collagen. Of course I still can’t say this is the best out there. But just like you said, I like the ingredients, straightforward and simple, and it’s gentle on stomach. I heard that Neocell are good as well, just haven’t had a chance to try it out. The two Japanese brands I heard most compliments on are Meiji and Fancl. But they are not easy to get and I don’t think it worth the efforts to buy them overseas… Although ReserveAge is on the pricey side, I don’t take it everyday. I have heard side effects of collage supplements as well, I don’t want to risk my health for my beauty =)

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